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Xbox One E200, E201,E203,E305 error

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Xbox One E200 error

Xbox One E200, E201, E203, E350 error

Have you switched on your Xbox One Games Console to find it is displaying any of the above EXX error messages?

Your console may also be stuck on the Green Xbox boot screen or a Black Screen.

These errors can be on either the Original Xbox One or the Xbox One S consoles.

This is indicating that the consoles operating system is either severely corrupted or the internal hard disk itself is faulty.

Any of the above EXX error codes can also be due to a failed update. If your have your XBox One set to "Instant On", this allows your console to download and update your console whilst it is in Standby mode.

If this updates fails or corrupts, then your console will boot the the above screen, with a the EXX number at the bottom of the screen.

How can you fix the E200, E201,E203,E350 or Green Screen of Death?

You can try downloading the " Offline Update Tool" released by Microsoft, this can be found on the Xbox Support Page

Then try

  1. Press and hold the Power Button for 10 seconds and then try to power on, if you still have the fault, then you will need to move to step 2
  2. Perform the "Offline Update" using a USB stick as directed on the Xbox Support page.
   Xbox One Offline Update Tool Screen Shot
 Xbox One Offline Update Screen shot

If your console still displays one of the above error codes, then this is more than likely a faulty internal hard disk and will need to be repaired.

Your console is under warranty if under twelve months old, your console will be repaired by Microsoft under warranty.

If your console is over twelve months old or you don't want to send your console away for weeks to be repaired under warranty, then we can help and get you gaming again quickly.

The Repair Process - How we fix your console

If you are local, then bring your Xbox One only to our premises for investigation, otherwise please book the
"Xbox One E2XX or E3XX Hard Disk error" option in the Xbox One Repair section.

Our engineers will then 

  • Power up your console to confirm the fault with your Xbox One console.
  • Remove the Hard Disk from the console and connect it to our test server to enable us to run diagnostics at your Hard Disk.
  • We also examine the SMART Data on the Hard Disk, the Hard Drive has its own intelligent SMART Diagnostics, which monitors the drive during normal use to report of an imminent failure or log previous errors. 
              SMART data analysis

  • If errors are reported in the SMART Data log of the Hard Disk, then the Hard Disk will be replaced. If no errors are listed in the SMART Error Log, then our engineers will run a full Surface Analysis in our diagnostic test programs, this tests the integrity of the Hard Disk to ensure there are no bad sectors.
  • The Xbox One Hard disk cannot be formatted using the Windows Operating system, so this is where it becomes more technical.
  • Once our engineers have formatted your hard disk and installed the Latest Dashboard system files to your drive, the console will be re assembled for setting up prior to despatch back to you after a successful repair.
  • On receipt of your console (after the repair), will need to set up your account on your console and re install the games you had installed on the Hard Disk. If you purchased these from the Online store, then you will be able to re download these for free.
  • Your Games Saves are held on the Cloud (online), so don't worry about losing your game saves, etc.
 Your console booting normal after the repair
Xbox One Dashboard


  • Try the solutions offered by Microsoft on their Xbox Support Page 
  • The problem is 99% of the time due a faulty or failing Hard Disk
  • We can repair your console, without sending it away for weeks like a Warranty repair.
  • Do you want to take this opportunity to Upgrade your Hard Disk to a larger drive, maybe a 1TB or 2TB?

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