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Kodi now available on the Xbox One !!

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Kodi now available on the Xbox One console

On the 29th December 2017 Microsoft added the Kodi 17.6 alpha beta Media server to their store for download by Xbox One console owners.
Microsoft are initially releasing this in Europe and then a World Wide release at a later date.

This is superb news for Xbox One owners, as this application has now gone full circle from its original format XBMC application (which was loadable on the original Xbox console).

If has not been possible to run Kodi or XBMC, prior to this release from Microsoft on the Xbox One console.

What is Kodi???

Kodi Logo
The Xbox One has become an important hub for both TV and Games as you can Play games as well as you can watch movies and Television shows.

Kodi is a Server media player that enables a user to stream Multimedia contents such as Audio, Video, Movies, TV shows, Pictures and more on the web and it is obvious that we need the Kodi Player on Microsoft’s Xbox One.

The Combination of Kodi and Microsoft’s Xbox One will be really a great one.

Kodi has been available on a PC, Amazon Firestick, Apple TV or Android TV box for many years.

There are numerous addons for Kodi available on the internet and more information on Kodi can be found on Youtube or Google.

Below are a couple of screen shots from Kodi itself
kodi 17 image
kodi 17 image 2

Where can I download Kodi for the Xbox One console?

How download Kodi 17.6 for Xbox One

Kodi 17.6 for Xbox One
Kodi 17.6 for Xbox One

The Latest Version of Kodi is Krypton 17.6. Currently, The Alpha Version of Kodi v17.6 has been launched for Xbox One World Wide.

This app can be downloaded and installed on Xbox One using two methods.

  • Kodi for Xbox One from Microsoft Store
  • Install Kodi on Xbox One using Xbox Store

Both methods are explained below.

How to Download Kodi 17.6 for Xbox One from Microsoft Store:

You can download and Install the Kodi App on Xbox using Microsoft store. The following are the methods.

  1. Open Microsoft Store from your Xbox One.
  2. In the Search Column that is located on the Top right of the store, Type “Kodi”.
    Kodi App on Microsoft Store
    Kodi App on Microsoft Store
  3. The Results will be shown automatically. Choose Kodi App.
  4. Choose the option “Get“. The App will start to install on your device.
    Download Kodi from Xbox store
    Choose Get
  5. Once the Installation is done then it is ready for use on Xbox One.

How to Install Kodi 17.6 on Xbox One using Xbox Store

  1. Go to Xbox Store.
  2. Search for Kodi in the Search Column.
    Kodi on Xbox One store
    Search for Kodi
  3. Once you click on the Search option then you will be redirected to Microsoft store where you will find the Kodi App and it can be downloaded on Xbox One.

Once Downloaded what do I do?

Once you have downloaded and installed Kodi onto your Xbox One console, you can fully customise the application to your own tastes.

There are numerous themes, etc available on line and numerous guides to walk you through setting up and customising Kodi on Youtube and by using Google itself.

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