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How to book a repair on our website

If you are local, then please just come to our premises, no appointment is required during our opening hours.

Booking a repair on our website is easily carried out and self explanatory. Like any ecommerce website you select the item you would like to purchase and then add this to your shopping cart. Once completed, you then checkout and pay for the item or service.

If you are local, then you are welcome to come to our premises in person, no appointment is required and some repairs can be carried out whilst you wait.

We are a Trade Marked Company and have been trading since 2008, so you can book a repair or make a purchase with confidence. 

We carry out repairs for the public and trade customers. Our trade customers range from Schools, High Street Retailers and Computer Repair companies.

Our service is offered via our courier options across the whole of the United Kingdom and most of Europe.

We will walk you through an test purchase on our website, giving examples to make it easy to follow.

Booking the repair on our Website
To find the repair you require on our website, you need to look for your faulty equipment model in the options on the Left Hand menu, We will be booking a repair on a Playstation 4, we have the dreaded Blue Light of Death (BLOD) fault, so we will select the "Blue Light of Death" repair from options in the Menu.

1. Select "Console Repairs"
    Console Wizard home screen example

2. Select the consoles manufacturer                            
We have listed the different manufacturers for each product, in each section. 
So select the manufacturer of the faulty enquipment you own.
    Console Wizard console selection

3. Select the fault you have 

We have listed the common repairs we carry out, if your repair is not listed, then please select the "Diagnose" option.

This is a free Diagnose service we provide to investigate a fault and then contact you with a repair price.
   Console Wizard Fault selection shot

4. Add the repair to your cart

Select the repair you require and add this to your cart

add to cart shot.PNG

Then Proceed to Checkout

Cart Example

Press "Proceed to Checkout", this will give you a cart Summary page, then select "Proceed to Checkout"
The next screen will be able to confirm that you enter the collection - delivery address and also the "Billing Address"

5. Carrier Selection screen
  Console Wizard carrier exampleThe above example shows the selected default Collect Plus Option

If you want to change this option, its just a case of selecting from the options on the page.

We offer two Courier options - Collect + (Our Default service), Parcel Force or you send yourself and Parcel Force delivery back to you.

If you want a quicker option than our default service (Collect Plus), then you require our Parcel Force Next Day option, simply select the day you require your item collecting by Parcel Force from the options on screen (Monday - Friday).

Then simply box up your item, making sure its in a box and well packaged to protect it in transit.

Print off your receipt from the order or write your details and enclose them with your item if you don't have a printer.

You will receive a confirmation email confirming your collection and then Parcel Force will collect on the day you requested from the address you selected in your order.

Our Delivery Options - briefly explained (more information is given the "Our Courier Options")

Collect Plus (Default Service)

Once payment is made, if you selected the Collect Plus Option, then a shipping label will be emailed to you.

You need to box up your faulty item, in a box, making sure its well packaged, print off or write your invoice details from our website and include them in the box with your order. Apply the label we have emailed your and then take your item to a local drop off point near to you.

The maximum weight is up to 10kg - the maximum size of the box is below


** Note ** 
Please don't send you item in a carrier bag, etc with the shipping label attached, we have had this in the past!

You will then receive an email once we receive your item, an email confirming its leaving us and a tracking number. The item will then be delivered the next working day.

Parcel Force option

Parcel Force will collect your item from the address you gave in your order, on the day that you selected (Mon - Fri).

If you are requesting a collection the same day as your order, this is not normally possible if its after 11:00 am, you would have to select another day for the collection.

You will receive an email the following day, once we receive your item. 

We will send you an email confirming your item is being returned to you, with tracking number. You will receive our item the next working day.

** Note ** 
Please don't send you item in a carrier bag, etc with the shipping label attached, we have had this in the past!

Delivery Only (select this option if you are sending your item to us yourself).

You are welcome to use your own courier or shipping options.

If you are local, then you are welcome to bring your faulty equipment to our premises (No appointment is required).

If you selected the delivery only option, you are then required to send your item to us for repair.

Please make sure you want this option as our courier rates are VERY competitive.

Please box up your item in a suitable box and make sure its well packaged, to protect it in transit.

When we have repaired your item, we will ship it back to you using either

Parcel Force 24 (Monday - Friday) next day service

Royal Mail Special Delivery

Royal Mail 1st Class Recorded mail

This is dependant on the option you selected when you place the order. This will be sent back to the address you stated on your order.

7. Payment Options
We accept payment on our web site by Debit, Credit cards or Bank Transfer(payment transferred directly to our bank account).

Please enter the address your debit / credit card is registered to when completing the payment section.

A common error encountered is when a customer has requested a collection from a different place than their home .i.e. work, etc. - If the cards registered address is not entered into the "Billing Address" section in the Payment Sense process, the payment will be declined with an "AVS Policy" error.

This is due to the cards address, not matching the cards registered Billing Address. This can be resolved by entering the registered address.

payment options shot.PNG
What happens next?
You will receive an email confirming the order has been successful.

You will need to box up your faulty item, making sure the box is suitable for the item you are shipping and also that the item is well packaged to ensure your items travels safely. Enclose a copy of the invoice for your order or if you dont own a printer, write your details on a note and place that inside the box with your item.

** Note **
Please don't send you item in a carrier bag, etc with the shipping label attached, we have had this in the past!



We hope this walk through has been of benefit to you and explained any questions you may have had re booking a repair of our web site.

We are a Professional Trade Marked Company, that has been trading since 2008. We carry out all our repairs to manufacturers specifications.

All repairs come with a three months warranty, console re ball repairs come with a six month warranty.

If you have any question not answered in the above examples, then please either telephone, email or use our online chat to speak to a member of staff. They will help and answer any questions you may have.

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