Macbook Air Boot Error Macbook Air 11.6' RepairsApple
    • Macbook Air Boot Error Macbook Air 11.6' RepairsApple
    • Macbook Air Boot Error Macbook Air 11.6' RepairsApple

    Macbook Air Boot Error

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    Do you have a circle with a line through it in the middle of the screen?

    Do you have a folder with a question mark in it on the screen?

    Is your Operating System corrupted and wont boot?

    Would you like your OS wiping and re installing?

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    Have you a problem booting your Apple Macbook Air?

    Have you got a "No Entry sign" a circle with a line through it or a folder with a Question mark in it, in the middle of the screen?

    Does your Macbook Air start to boot and then crash?

    Are you selling your Imac or Macbook and would like the harddisk erasing and the operating system reloading.

    If your problem is due to a fault with the software, our engineers will run diagnostics first to determine the cause of the problem, this could be a virus issue or a corruption from downloading potentially harmful programs.


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    By Michael M. (Accrington, United Kingdom) on 19 June 2021 (Macbook Air Boot Error) :

    Took a while

    My repair was done when they said it needed a new Motherboard fitting after waiting two months for chips to arrive (due, apparently to the worldwide chip shortage, which is a thing) which did not sort it.

    Seems to be working okay. communication could have been better during the delay, but good towards the end.

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    Thank you for your product review on our website. We always welcome feedback, whether it is positive or negative.

    We are sincerely sorry for the delay in us obtaining the parts required to attempt to repair your original motherboard.
    Due to the lockdown and Brexit issues this impacted not just our industry, but most industries within the UK when it comes to suppliers, etc.

    We are glad you are happy witjh your replacement motherboard.

    Shop owner reply on 19 June 2021