• Apple


    We carry out repairs on all Apple Products, from Iphone up to Imacs.

    All repairs are carrtied out to Apple Speciafications and come with three months warranty.

  • Microsoft


    We repair all of the faults that occur on the Xbox 360 games console. This is on the PHAT and Slim Xbox 360.

    We repair every fault to Microsofts specifications and give you the same warranty as Microsoft for your peace of mind (3 Months).

  • Nintendo


    We repair the whole Nintendo range of Games Consoles, all our repairs are carried out to Nintendo's specifications.

    This is from the DS range of handheld consoles, up to the Wii - U.

    All our repairs are covered by a three month warranty.

  • Sony


    We specialise in repairing the Sony Playstation range of Games Consoles. All repairs are carried out to Sony's specifications.

    This is from the Playstation 2 up to the Playstation 4, all our repairs are covered by a 3 month warranty.

  • Team Xecuter

    Team Xecuter

    We carry out and install all the modifications for the Xbox 360 Games Console released by the Team Xecuter group.

    This is from flashing of the Xbox 360 with LT V3.0 firmware, to installing the Reset Glitch Hack (RGH) into all models of the Xbox 360 games console (500gb 360e excluded).