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Xbox 360 PHAT RGH 3.0 OriginalTeam Xecuter
  • Xbox 360 PHAT RGH 3.0 OriginalTeam Xecuter

Xbox 360 PHAT RGH 3.0

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Xbox 360 PHAT Reset Glitch Hack (RGH) to your own console

If your consoles dashboard is over 2.0.7371, then this option allows us to JTAG your console.

This is for Original PHAT consoles with an HDMI port, on any dashboard, even the latest 2.0.17559

We will setup your harddisk (if supplied) with Xexmenu and Freestyle dash V3.

You can even request a hard disk upgrade when ordering.

Larger Hard Disk?
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If your Dashboard looks like the below example, then we can actually Jtag your console, this service is listed in the Mod Section of our website.

Below is an example of the "Blade 2.0.7371 Dashboard"
Xbox 360 Blade Dashboard

If your Dashboard is higher than 2.0.7371, the latest is 2.0.17559, then we can still Jtag your console via the RGH method. This new hack is called "Reset Glitch Hack" or RGH, this involves reprogramming the motherboards SMC to delivery a timing pulse to the CPU. 

If this timing pulse hits the CPU at the correct time it allows the CPU be able to boot into a JTAG console.

ALL models of Phat HDMI Xbox 360 consoles (Falcon and Jasper) and ALL versions of the Slim Xbox 360 can have the Reset Glitch Hack carried out.

The reset glitch can take from 3 seconds to 3 minutes to boot to the dashboard (this is the industry STANDARD) 

We however RGH 3.0 boots from INSTANT Boot from zero - 15 seconds, EVERYTIME (Console Permitting - each console is different) !!!!

A Jtag/RGH  console CANNOT be used on the Xbox Live service or it will be banned, unless you use a Stealth Server to hide the fact the console is modified. You can find out more information on Stealth Servers from Google. 

Google "XBLStealth Xbox 360" or a reputable service is XBLNinja, even check out "Xbonline"

We do not install ANY Mod Menu's on your console, you will have to install them yourself.

We also do not offer help or advice on Steath or Mod Menus

Your console will come back with Live Block enabled within Dashlaunch, so if intend to take them online with a Stealth service, you will have to remove the Block within DashLaunch.


If you include your harddisk, we will install

Freestyle DashV3 or Aurora (you choose)
Dashlaunch V3.21 - so your console boots directly into the Alternate Dashboard

Harddisk Upgrade whilst your console is being upgraded?

We can upgrade your consoles harddisk, just select the size you would like whilst purchasing the service. The engineers can then install the bigger drive and set this up for you, so your ready to install your games, etc when you receive it back from us.

Once Jtagged you options available to you are endless, you can install alternative dashboards like Freestyle dash or Xexmenu. Run Homebrew and play emulators to play some of the old classic games available.

Best of all you can connect a huge external harddisk via USB and play your games directly from the harddisk, without a disk in your DVD drive.

A screenshot of Freestyle dash



An Example of a console we prepared booting

Step by Step guide to using your new Reset Glitch Console

We have put together a guide to using your new Reset Glitch (Jtag) Console,

This can be viewed by clicking HERE


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By John D. (LONDON, United Kingdom) on 10 March 2021 (Xbox 360 PHAT RGH 3.0) :
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By Dan G. on 22 Oct. 2019 (Xbox 360 PHAT RGH 3.0) :

Xbox RGH

I got my Xbox modded back in August and these guys did a smashing job. Had slight problem that Xell didn’t launch (due to a newer dashboard update on my xbox) but they replied promptly and took it back to the store where the guys got it sorted in minutes. It does everything I could ask for and would highly recommend this product/service. Only advice is if you plan to install Xbox 360 games definitely consider the extra HDD.

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By Christian T. (NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, United Kingdom) on 02 Apr. 2018 (Xbox 360 PHAT RGH 3.0) :

RGH Phat Mod

Excellent service would highly recommend!

The mod loads fast too which I hear can be hit and miss but these guys nailed it can't recommend them enough :)

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