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PS3 Firmware Downgrade - Custom Firmware OriginalSony View larger

PS3 Firmware Downgrade - Custom Firmware

Do you want  your console to run the latest Custom Firmware?

This is for consoles up to dashboard version 4.84

What are the benefits ?

  • Play your games directly from a hard disk (without a disk in the drive).
  • Play Emulators of your favourite Retro consoles .i.e Super Nintendo, PS1,PS2 and Mame.
  • Mod Games
Check in "More info" below to confirm your console is compatible. 

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    PS3 CFW - Is my console compatible?

    We can carry out this modification to ALL Phat and most Slim PS3 consoles

    The Slim 3k and Super Slim 4K models, it is not possible to modify these models.

    This applies to NAND and NOR main board consoles.

    Unsure which main board your console has or whether your consoles is compatible?

    To check this you need to look at the consoles serial number, the important part of the serial number is

    Phat (Original) consoles is CECHxxx

    Slim consoles is CECH-2xxxx

    Phat Console
    PS3 Phat Serial Number location

    The consoles model number in the example above is CECHA01

    Models that we can install Custom Firmware to are 

    Phat Models
    • CECHA
    • CECHB
    • CECHC
    • CECHE
    • CECHG
    • CECHH
    • CECHJ
    • CECHK
    • CECHL
    • CECHM
    • CECHP
    • CECHQ
    PS3 Slim
    PS3 slim Serial Number location

    The consoles model number in the example above is CECH-2001A

    Models that we can install Custom Firmware to are 

    Slim Models

    • CECH-20..A
    • CECH-20..B
    • CECH-21..A
    • CECH-21..B
    • CECH-25..A
    • CECH-25..B
    • CECH-251.A
    • CECH-251.B

    We are unable to carry out this modification to 
    Slim 3K and 4K models - This is due to the fact that the consoles left the factory on a higher firmware than V3.55, so this means we are unable to downgrade your console to a firmware lower than what it left the factory on.

    Can you take a CFW PS3 on the Playstation Network?

    Due to the fact that the console is no longer a standard console, it makes it unfair for other players on the Playstation Network. This is due to the fact that you can modify games to give you more money, infinite lives, etc. 

    Sony states that this breaks its Fair play ploicy, so you have a risk of your console being banned from the network. There are some utilities you can install onto the console to hide the fact that your console is modified (these are listed below).

    Our recommendations are  
    • Create a new user without PSN and set it as default user. It will prevent accidental auto-login that could cause a ban from PSN.
    • Never login to PSN with syscalls enabled (Alwaysuse SENEnablerPSNpatch or webM AN MODto disable the syscalls before play online.
    • Do not cheat if you go online and enjoy CFW!
By (Southport, United Kingdom) on 21 March 2020 (PS3 Firmware Downgrade - Custom Firmware) :

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