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Playstation 3 Life Extender

Do you want to extemd the life of your Playstation 3 Fat console?

One of the premature failure points for the console can be the Tokin Capacitors that supply power to the RSX chip.

Also the thermal compound under the Cell (CPU) and RSX (Graphics Processor) chips drying out and therefore no longer conducting the heat away from both chips, causing the fan to sound like a Jet Engine.

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    Tokin Capacitor replacement

    Our engineers can remove the most common failing Tokin capacitor from your healthy Playstation 3 console and upgrade this to Tantalum Capacitors, this takes away the weak part of the circuit on this brilliant console.

    PS3 Tokin Capacitor Upgrade

    The upgrade involves removing one of the Tokin Capacitors on the RSX Chip (this the most common failure point) and replacing this with 4 x 470uf Tantalum Capacitors.

    See the example below

    One is normally sufficient due to the increased Capacitance value of the four combined new Tantatum capacitors.

    PS3 Tokin Tantulum Replaced

    This will help to prevent your console from suffering from

    • Powering off problems
    • Yellow Light of Death

    *** This will not repair the ***

    • GLOD (green light of death fault), when the console powers on, but there is no picture on the screen
    • High Percemtage of Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) faults - as this can be down to a faulty RSX Chip and can either need a Reflow or Reball repair (where the faulty chip is replaced)

    The De Lid process of the IHS Plates from the Cell and RSX chips

    This involves removing the bonded Aluminium Plates that are attached to the CELL (CPU) and RSX (Graphics Processor chips. These plates are call IHS (Internal Heat Shield) and allow the transfer of heat from both of the Main Chips to the chassis of the console.

    There is thermal compound between the IHS plates and the Cell and RSX chips and also Thermal paste on the top of the IHS plates connecting the IHS plate to the Chassis of the console.

    PS3 IHS De Lid  

     The IHS Plate removed from the Cell (CPU)

    PS3 IHS De Lidded

    The Thermal compound has a life expectancy of around 3 - 5 years from the release of the console, so every console is well past this time period.

    *** Note ***
    The De lid process does have an element of risk as the IHS Plate are bonded to the Cell (CPU), removal of this plate can cause the console to go into the YLOD fault. This is due to the CPU itself micro cracking during the process. If this occurs, then there is no way to resolve this as the CPU is not a replaceble Chip.
    (The risk is small, but we have to make you aware of it and Console Wizard take no responsiblity if this occurs during the process)

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