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Playstation 3 Reball Lead Solder BGA Rework OriginalSony
  • Playstation 3 Reball Lead Solder BGA Rework OriginalSony

Playstation 3 Reball Lead Solder BGA Rework

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If your console suffers from the YLOD or graphics problems, this is is the permanent fix for this error.

Have you been told that your console is unrepairable?

** If your consoles motherboard has been Heat Gun repaired previously, then we will not carry out a reball on your console **

There is a £20 non refundable fee is the reball is not successful, this is the cover the cost of the RSX chip used.


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                                  What causes this fault

These faults are caused by the fact that every manufacturer Sony, Microsoft, etc have to use Unleaded solder during the manufacturing of their games console.

This was considered a more reliable solution for the electronics industry due to the fact that unleaded solder has a higher melting point than Leaded Solder.

The only problem is that over time, Unleaded solder goes brittle and cracks, when this occurs this is when the console displays the RED light errors.

     An Example of Lead and Unleaded Solder after exhaustive heating / cooling



                                                      The solution

We can remove the Graphics processor from the main board

Replace this with a brand new Graphics processor

The benefit of this procedure is that we only use Leaded solder when re soldering the chip back onto the main board.

Leaded solder does not go brittle and crack, therefore is the ultimate fix for your console.

We use the latest state of the art Computer Controlled Dark Infrared BGA reflow stations to safely and professionally carry out this process.


IMG_1759.jpgIMG_1758.jpg                                 IMG_1776.jpg

 The Re-ball process

1. Console is stripped down and cleaned

2. Graphics processor is removed from the main board and the main board cleaned of unleaded solder

3. A Brand new Graphics processor soldered to the main board using only LEADED solder.

4. Console is re assembled and serviced.

5. The console is exhaustively tested to ensure everything is working 100%



The Re-Ball Repair is dependant on the motherboard and the pads underneath the chip being in good condition,any previous bad heat gun repairs can have a very negative effect on the fix rate

If it is deemed not possible to reball the console due to mainboard damage or the reball is attempted and fails, there will be a £20 charge to cover the cost of the replacement RSX chip.

The repair fee you paid will be refunded minus the £20 fee.

By Russell B. (CHELMSFORD, United Kingdom) on 21 Apr. 2021 (Playstation 3 Reball Lead Solder BGA Rework) :

Such a great service.

What can I say. I am so happy to have one of my launch PS3’s working again.

The machine is quiet and runs like a dream.

Mark is fantastic to talk to. The patience of a saint. He was happy to chat to me and answer any questions I had, for more than 40 minutes on one occasion.

The whole process was easy.

A big thank you to the whole team at Console Wizard. You have made me one happy gamer.

There will be 2 more consoles coming your way soon.

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By Philip R. (Dublin, Ireland) on 16 Apr. 2021 (Playstation 3 Reball Lead Solder BGA Rework) :

CECHA01 PS3 PlayStation 3 60GB Fat NTSC/US Reball

These guys are simply best in the business - my blinking YLOD fully hardware backwards compatible ps3 is better & quieter than new again

Ps3 playing ps1 ps2 and ps3 discs again.

I would trust my machines with absolutely no-one else - best in business - nuff said!

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By Adam G. (Warwick, United Kingdom) on 13 Apr. 2021 (Playstation 3 Reball Lead Solder BGA Rework) :

Great work

I thought all was over for my PS3 when I got the dreaded YLOD!
No fear, Console Wizard sorted me out with a professional service. My console is now fully working again after 2 weeks (this probably would have been quicker if it wasn't the Easter holidays in between sending and receiving the console).
I was updated at all times regarding the excellent courier service too. One thing I would suggest to Console Wizard is that they add notification updates when they start/finish work on the console.
Btw, some internet searching showed ways you could try to fix this yourself, however I am extremely pleased to say I did not attempt these! I would much rather pay the reasonable price offered by Console Wizard to have my treasured console repaired by professionals rather than risking destroying my console for ever!
Great service, good price, warranty included, console working!! Thanks CW!

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