PS5 Overheating - Noisy Fan (Full Service) Playstation 5
    • PS5 Overheating - Noisy Fan (Full Service) Playstation 5
    • PS5 Overheating - Noisy Fan (Full Service) Playstation 5

    PS5 Playstation 5 Overheating Noisy Fan Full service

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    Does your PS5 fan sound really noisy?

    Does your PS5 overheat and shutdown?

    This is really damaging for your PS5 as this indicates that your console is overheating as stressing the main APU chip (CPU / Graphics Processor)

    We can quickly repair your PS5 making it sound like new again

    Full insured shipping options covering the whole UK.

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    PS5 Playstation 5 Overheating Noisy Fan Full service

    Does your Playstation 5 fan sound really noisy either in game or on the dashboard, with it getting louder and louder?

    Do you find that playing games just for the Playstation 5 cause your console to shut down, but PS4 games work fine?

    A PS5 will under normal conditions regulate the fan speed to cool down the console and then slow it down again once the consoles tempertaure is acceptable for the APU Chip.

    However, when your console has a noisy fan, this indicates that the console cannot regulate the temperature normally and therefore ramps the fan high to try to cool itself down. Ultimately this will cause your console to shutdown whilst playing a game.

    This is a more common repair now that the Playstation 5 console's are out of warranty from launch date.

    This problem is mostly caused by the thermal compound requiring renewing and the internal heatsink being blocked with dust and therefore not allowing the console to cool itself down.

    This is indicating your console is overheating.

    To Fix this fault, we will have to Fully service your console

    The Full Service involves

    • Stripping down your PS5 Console
    • Cleaning the original Liquid Metal Thermal compound from the APU chip and replace this with brand new High Performance Liquid Metal thermal compound.
    • Replace the internal Thermal strips inside the console.

    ** Note **

    This repair doesnt involve a fan replacement, if a fan replacement was require, then this would be an additional charge.

    By Barry N. (MANCHESTER, United Kingdom) on 21 Apr. 2024 (PS5 Overheating - Noisy Fan (Full Service)) :

    PS5 overheating warning

    Overheating issue seems fixed. I was getting an overheating warning in certain games. Such as Spiderman 2 and Final Fantasy XVI. Certain missions and cutscenes would cause the fan to spin up and a message to appear saying my console is too hot and needs to close down. I could reliably replicate this issue and it was getting worse and started happening in other games as well.

    Its a 3 year old Launch Day console. I tried cleaning the console myself according to YouTube videos, but it needed a professional to open it up and clean it thoroughly and possibly replace the thermal compound/liquid metal on the processor itself (which is a routine repair for PC, but for consoles it's more difficult).

    I sent the console off via Parcel force 24. Which is fairly well integrated into the website and is convenient. It was just quite slow to pick up, drop off at the post office, have Console Wizard pick up, complete the work, ship it back. I was without my console for about 10 days. Which seemed rather long according to other reviews. If you have another courier you like using, there is an option to use your own, if you aren't happy with parcel force 24.

    The console seems fixed though. The fan is much quieter and I have tried to "stress test" it with the games I know it doesn't like, and touch wood it seems fixed. Hopefully will get a few more years out of it.

    The console did arrive back with some dust in the plastic dust guards, so I was sceptical that it had actually been cleaned. But perhaps this was an oversight because the console itself is working better than it did. Just perhaps I expected to get it back looking "like new" and felt like I shouldn't be doubting whether or not it has actually been cleaned inside. It does seem to be in working order though which is the main thing

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    By Jonathan L. (Bury, United Kingdom) on 12 Jan. 2024 (PS5 Overheating - Noisy Fan (Full Service)) :

    Lucky to find this company on Google

    My daughters PS5 kept shutting down after a few minutes.
    I search online and found Console Wizard.
    Their reviews are to be believed, I wish every company was like this.
    Keep up the good work.

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