PS5 HDMI Port Socket repair HomeSony
    • PS5 HDMI Port Socket repair HomeSony
    • PS5 HDMI Port Socket repair HomeSony
    • PS5 HDMI Port Socket repair HomeSony

    PS5 Playstation 5 HDMI port replacement repair

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    Is your PS5 HDMI port or socket damaged and not displaying a picture?

    Have you accidentally knocked over your console?

    We can quickly repair your PS5, using a genuine PS5 HDMI port, not a PS4 HDMI port engineered to fit.

    Fully insured shipping options covering the whole of the UK

    ** Note **

    We recommend you also replace your HDMI cable as the damaged port will most likely have also damaged the cable

    Would you like to order a HDMI Cable?
    You can also add a FULL service at a discounted rate?
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    PS5 Playstation 5 HDMI port replacement repair

    PS5 HDMI motherboard

    Are you experiencing issues with your Playstation 5 (PS5) due to a damaged HDMI port or socket? Perhaps the console was dropped or the cable wasn't inserted properly. Such incidents can lead to bent or damaged pins within the port, resulting in a lack of picture display or distorted visuals.

    If the port appears undamaged and the console's power indicator turns white upon startup, it could indicate a potential motherboard problem. It's important to note that our repair service exclusively employs an authentic PS5 HDMI port for the replacement, unlike other companies that use a modified PS4 HDMI port to fit the PS5.

    Our skilled engineers will expertly remove the faulty or damaged HDMI port from the main board of your Playstation 5 and replace it with a brand new, genuine PS5 HDMI port. This ensures a swift resolution, allowing you to resume your gaming experience promptly.

    Would you like to take advantage of a comprehensive console servicing while your repair is being performed?

    Over time, normal usage of a Playstation 5 console can lead to internal dust accumulation, obstructing the air vents in the heatsinks. This can cause the console to overheat or unexpectedly shut down, ultimately affecting its overall lifespan.

    Our full servicing option, which typically costs £70 (refer to the link provided below for details), is currently available at a significantly reduced rate of £20 if conducted simultaneously with the HDMI repair.

    This thorough servicing procedure entails a complete internal cleaning of your console, including the heatsinks and internal fan. Additionally, we apply a premium-grade Liquid Metal compound to the APU, the main chip on the console's motherboard. This superior thermal transfer compound surpasses the performance of the original compound used by the manufacturer.

    By opting for this service, you can significantly enhance the longevity of your console and enjoy trouble-free gaming experiences.



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    By Alex H. (KENILWORTH, United Kingdom) on 22 Feb. 2024 (PS5 HDMI Port Socket repair) :

    Reliable and transparent

    When my HD port stopped working, I explored a number of options for its repair. This is an anxiety inducing process but console wizard was always transparent and clear with what steps needed to be taken. I cannot drive so having the option to have the device collected from my house made it really simple and my ps5 was transported just over a week later fully functional. I would recommend this service to anyone.

    Furthermore, the customer service offered to me was exemplary. Upon receiving my device, I discovered that a corner of the shell was chipped and torn off on its transit back to me. Despite this being the fault of the delivery service, when this information was made known to console wizard, they immediately got in contact with me to send a replacement panel for my ps5. I have already recommended console wizard to people I know and if I ever have a problem again, I know I will come here.

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    By Martin G. (BOLTON, United Kingdom) on 26 Jan. 2024 (PS5 HDMI Port Socket repair) :

    Truly are Wizards !!!!

    I took my PS5 to another shop with a damaged HDMI port after my son tripped on the cable.
    The other shop had my console for two weeks and then said it was not fixable as the Graphics card was also faulty.
    Thank god I found Console Wizard on a Google search, they fixed my PS5 the same day.
    Amazing company, friendly staff, I will only be coming here in future.

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    By Alice B. (GLOUCESTER, United Kingdom) on 12 Dec. 2023 (PS5 HDMI Port Socket repair) :

    Absolutely Brilliant

    Couldn't ask for better service, quick turn around, kept me updated with progress and a brilliant repair, thank you so much!

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