Imac Hard Disk Replacement Imac 27'Apple
    • Imac Hard Disk Replacement Imac 27'Apple

    Imac Hard Disk Replacement

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    Will your Imac not boot?

    Do you have a Grey Folder with a question mark on screen?

    Is your Imac running really Slow or Freezing all the time?

    This can indicate a faulty Internal Hard disk and this will need to be replaced.

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    A Faulty Hard Disk explained

    A faulty hard disk can have several dfferent symptoms.

    Typical symptoms are

    • Your Imac will not book
    • Your Imac is running really slow or freezing
    • You have a Grey folder on the screen with a question mark 

    The above can all be signs that your internal hard disk is faulty and needs to be replaced.

    Hard disk internal view

    Our engineers will run diagnostics tests at your Imac to confirm the health status of your internal hard disk.

    All hard disks have SMART technology, which is basically a system within the hard disk itself that constantly checks the status of the hard disk, this gives the temperature of the hard disk, bad sector or read / write errors and seek errors. This will report the status of the drive as healthy, caution (meaning failure is iminent) or Bad.

    So the engineers will know exactly if the hard disk is healthy or needs to be replaced.

    If the hard disk does need to be replaced and it is possible the engineers will backup your data stored on the faulty hard disk.
    The brand new hard disk will be installed and the same Mac OS system installed onto the new hard disk.
    Your data will then be re installed onto the new hard disk.

    ** Note **
    We can only backup data files, photos, documents, etc, applications are not possible to backup as these are embedded into the Mac OS system files.

    By Matthew O. (Bolton, United Kingdom) on 20 June 2020 (Imac Hard Disk Replacement) :

    Absolutely blown away - it's like a different machine!

    About a year ago my partner bought me a second hand 2017 iMac for my birthday. As I got into using it it gradually became apparent that something wasn't right with it, but I said nothing because I didn't want to seem ungrateful. Eventually it became impossible to keep it quiet when she watched me boot up Photoshop and wait the four or so minutes that it took to open.

    Eventually I couldn't stand it anymore and took it into Mark at Console Wizard to have it's hard drive replaced with an SSD. During the cloning process Mark got to experience first hand the kind of frustration I'd been dealing with for a year, when the process took almost a full day and night to complete - normally it would be done in a few hours.

    We let it complete overnight and I picked it up today - and all I can say is WOW, this is now an absolute pleasure to use instead of a teeth-pulling grind. The machine boots up in 15 seconds instead of three minutes... and Adobe programs open in around 5 seconds as opposed to 5 minutes!!!

    I'd read all of the advice saying that an SSD upgrade was the way to go, and now I'm an absolute evangelist - if you;re sitting on the fence about whether this is the right choice for you, give CW a call today and ask them about an upgrade. It's absolutely changed my working life.

    Mat O'Neill

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