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Our Promise

We make it our business to be honest with our customers.

No Fix - No Fee Policy

If we cannot repair your fault, then we will not charge you a fee for the work carried out by ourselves (if the equipments original warranty stickers are untampered).

** Note **

  • If it is found that the warranty stickers have been tampered with and an amateur repair attempt has been carried out on the console and we are unable to repair the fault, then a £10 investigation fee will be applicable. This is to cover the work carried out by ourselves to identify the fault.
  • If a reball repair is requested and the original warranty stickers have been tampered with and the reball fails, then there is a £20 charge to cover the cost of the replacement intergrated circiuit (ic) used and to cover the time taken on the repair.
  • A Diagnostic fee is applicable on Apple Macbook and Imac repairs to cover the time taken to carry out all the tests required, this is refunded from the repair price if a repair is required.
  • If you select oue "Diagnose service" and the problem is identified by our engineers and a cost is given to you for the repair. Should you decide not to proceed with the repair, then we feel it’s only fair for us to charge for the time spent on your equipment up to that point. This is a set fee of £10.00.

Collection and Delivery

Console Wizard use Parcel Force 24,Collect + and Royal Mail to make all of our collections and deliveries.

Collect +

If you decide to use the Collect + service to send your faulty equipment to Console Wizard, then once you have completed your purchase on our website, we will email you shortly after with a shipping label that you will need to send the faulty item back to us.

You need to box your faulty item securely and well packaged in a box no bigger than 50 x 30 x 30 cm (airline cabin baggage size), please print off the receipt ( or write your details on a note, if you don't have a printer) that our website emails you and if possible include that in the box with your equipment. The total weight of the parcel cannot exceed 10 KG.

*** Note ***

Do not send your faulty item in a plastic bag, bin bag or poorly packaged box, as we have received previously. 
This is because if damage occurs in transit, you will not be covered for an insurance claim as you have not ensured your item is in a box and well protected during transit.

Then if you look at the Collect Plus website to find the nearest drop off point to yourself.

http://www.collectplus.co.uk/orders/new - Look here for your nearest drop off point.

You can drop off your parcel at the nearest drop off point seven days a week !!!

It takes approximately 3 - 5 working days to reach Consloe Wizard, once your equipment has been repaired, we will ship your repaired equipment back to you via Parcel Force 24 (next day courier).

 Parcel Force

Parcel Force collections are made from the address that the customer supplies.

Parcel Force collections are made Monday - Friday only.

Collections and Deliveries are a Next Working Day service.

  • 1. Print off the receipt (write your details on a note, if you don't have a printer) that our website emails to you after your purchase. Then place this in the box with your item. This makes it easier for us to book in your equipment once it arrives at our premises.
  • 2. You must box up your faulty equipment, making sure its well packaged to protect your item during the transportation.
  • 3. Parcel Force shipments can weigh up to 28 KG, so this means that multiple consoles can be placed in the same box to reduce shipping costs.

*** Note ***
Do not send your faulty item in a plastic bag, bin bag or poorly packaged box, as we have received previously.
This is because if damage occurs in transit, you will not be covered for an insurance claim as you have not ensured your item is in a box and well protected during transit.

If you are selecting the "Collection & Delivery" option for the shipping list, then please select a day you would like your faulty equipment collected. This cannot be the same day as you make the purchase.

Repair Costs

The repair price quoted by Console Wizard are a fixed price, based on the information you have provided to us by email, letter or in person. It is possible that the price to repair the unit is higher than the estimated price (for example, if the information provided was inaccurate, or if your unit has other faults). On these occasions you will be contacted via email or phone to authorize a new repair quotation.

If it is expected that additional parts are required in addition to those quoted, you will be contacted with an estimate. If you do not wish to proceed at this point you have the right to cancel the repair work. In this case you will only be charged the inspection fee of £10, plus the cost of postage and packing along with any other costs incurred by ConsoleWizard.co.uk. All cancellation requests must be made before repair work is commenced.

Repairs & Warranty

All our repairs carry a three month warranty or six months on a reball repair.

In the unlikely event your unit becomes faulty within the warranty period please either send your equipment to us using our reduced rate shipping option (We are not liable for the shipping costs of your equipment) or bring the unit back with a copy of the receipt.

Warranty will be voided if the warranty sticker applied after the repair has been tampered with.

We will investigate and respond within 3 working days. If the problem is related to the initial repair, we will carry out a further repair free of charge and return at no cost. If the unit has further problems not related to original repair or parts not replaced in previous repair we will contact you and let you make a decision with regards to the cost.

We will attempt a re-repair on your unit up to 2 times (if a reflow repair is purchased) after the initial repair. If after this, the unit is still faulty (if a YLOD on a Sony PS3 or Red Light fault on an XBOX 360) we will cover the labour under the warranty from the original repair, but the customer must cover the cost of the replacement chip needed for a reball. This is where we remove the graphics processor and fit a brand new chip, but solder it to the main board using LEAD solder, rather than UNLEADED solder (as used by the manufacturer).

Repair Procedures

Please be aware that during the course of repair it is possible that the symptoms may become worse whilst investigating the fault. Console Wizard do not take responsibility for additional faults which occur during investigation.

Warranty Repairs

If your equipment fails under warranty for the same fault, the postage to send the unit to us will be covered by you, you offer a reduced rate shipping option (if you are not local to our premises), this reduced rate covers the collection and delivery.

If the problem is not related to the original fault or no fault is found, then the current repair fee will be applicable for the fault occuring.

Note warranties are non transferable and are not rolling, the warranty is from the date of repair.


A refund will not be issued after 14 days of the original repair of the console, if the same fault occurs and is not fixable due to a chip failure (when a reflow or resolder was originally purchased).

Beyond Economic Repair

This is were we class the console as not being worth repairing, this is due to the cost of the parts / labour required to repair a console. If this is the case, Console Wizard will contact the customer and notify them of this.

Data Storage

During the course of repair it may be necessary to clear data stored in your equipments memory. This is due to the diagnostic processes and tests carried out to repair your console.

Console Wizard will not be held responsible for any data loss on a hard disk, whether that is in a Games Console, Laptop or Computer. 

Please ensure data is backed up on your device prior to sending it into us as we cannot guarantee data will be retained. Console Wizard will accept no responsibility for loss of data held.

Failure to collect

Any equipment not collected with 2 months of being dropped off for repair, in accordance with the TORTS act 1977, then Console Wizard reserve the right to sell or dispose of your equipment to cover the repair fee or parts used to repair the item.

Until payment is received in full, Console Wizard reserves the right to withhold your console.

English Law

All terms and conditions will be governed by and construed in accordance with English law, and any disputes relating to these terms and conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England.

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