Console Wizard - Frequently asked Questions

We have compiled a list of the most common questions asked by our customers. 

If you are unsure about any part of our repair process, then if you read below, hopefully your questions will be answered.

1. What is your address and Opening Hours?

Console Wizard, 247 Tonge Moor Road, Bolton, Lancashire, BL2 2JG.

Telephone Number - 01204 388557

We are open Monday - Friday 09:30 - 17:30

2. What services do you offer?

We carry out repairs, upgrades and mods on Games Consoles, Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Apple Imac, Apple Macbook, Apple Ipads and Iphones.

More information can be found by looking in the relevant section from either the top menu bar or drop down menus on a mobile device.

3. I want to use Console Wizard for a repair, how do I go about this?

All repairs can be booked through our website or if you are local, then bring your faulty Item to our premises during our opening hours, no appointment is required.

Our website will guide you through the booking process, its very easy to navigate.

Just add the service you require to your shopping cart and during this process, the shipping options available to you a given (dependant on your address).

We accept Debit - Credit card payment, sorry we don't accept Paypal.

4. What do I need to bring with me for a repair?

If you require a repair on a

a. Games console in for repair - All we need is the console itself (unless the fault also includes a controller, etc) and then please bring this with your faulty equipment.

b. Personal Computer - All we need is the actual PC itself, we don't need the cables, keyboard or mouse, etc.

c. Laptop - We hold most laptop chargers, but please bring your charger with you and we will confirm if we need to retain your charger with your laptop to enable us to carry out the repair.

d. Tablets / Ipad's - All we need is the tablet or Ipad, we have the chargers for these devices

e. Iphone - These repairs are carried out same day, so all we need is your Iphone

5. How do I send my equipment to you?

If you are local, then you are welcome to drop off your faulty equipment in person at our premises, no appointment is required. 

We offer a number of very cost effective shipping options courier options for our customers, this covers the whole of the UK.

Three of our options cover the journey of your equipment to our premises and then a courier delivery back to your address, at a massively discounted price than Royal Mail, etc..

Details of our shipping options can be found at this link "Shipping Option"

You are also welcome to use your own shipping options.

6. I've completed my order, what do I have to do next?

Once you have completed your order, you need to box up your faulty equipment, in a box, ensuring its well packaged to protect your equipment during transit.

Please print or write your order details (if you don't own a printer) and include your details in the box with your faulty equipment.

Please don't send it wrapped in a carrier bag, or in a box without any packaging.

The faulty item, must be packaged well to ensure its safety during transit both ways (we use your own packaging to send your equipment back to you).

If you selected the Collect Plus or Parcel Force Post Office service, we will email you a shipping label for you to attach to the box and then you can drop off the parcel at a drop off point in your area.

If you selected the Parcel Force collection option, then Parcel Force will collect your item on the day that you requested during the order process.

7. What is the Turn Around time for repairs and modifications?

We offer a 1 - 5 day turnaround time on repairs and modifications, once your equipment arrives at our premises, the shipping times are excluded from this. 

** This time may be longer if parts required are not in stock **

The total turn around time is dependent on your selection of courier you chose to send your equipment to us.

Both of the Parcel Force options we offer are a Next working Day service (Monday - Friday), on delivery to our premises and delivery back to you (Monday - Friday).

Our Collect Plus / Parcel Force option is a 3 - 5 working days for Collect Plus (to arrive at our premises) and then a next day delivery back to you (Monday - Friday) after the repair using Parcel Force 24.

8. Keeping you updated through the repair

We will keep you updated all the way through the repair loop via email, you will receive and email on the following status.

a. Receipt at our premises - Once your enquipment arrives at our premises, you will receive a confirmation email from ourselves.

b. Diagnosis - If sent your faulty equipment for a "Diagnosis" investigation, once your faulty item has been examined by our engineers, they will either email or call you directly on the telephone to discuss the fault and repair costs.

c. Confirmation of the repaired item leaving our premises, with a tracking number. Once this email is received by yourself, your equipment will be back with you the Next working Day, delivered via Parcel Force 24.

The tracking number will not be live until the collected item is dropped off at the Depot by the courier (which is normally around 7-8PM)

9. Do you accept Paypal?

No - Sorry we don't accept Paypal, we do however accept Debit / Credit cards for online orders.

We accept Debit / Credit cards and Cash if you are local to us.

10. ""AVS Policy FailurePayment Failure during checkout process of a website order

This is a common error our customers experience during the checkout process of finalising an order on our website.

This normally occurs when a customer want to have their faulty item or purchased item delivered to a different address than the address the card being used to pay for the item is registered to.

This errors indicates that the address you have used in the card merchants final payment part of the order is not the correct address your card is registered to or you have not entered the name or address as it appears on your card.

When you are directed to the Card Merchant to make the payment for your order. 

Please make sure the your name, address and post code are the address that your Debit / Credit card is registered to, if the address and post code is not the cards registered address, then this will result in an AVS Policy Error.

For example commom errors

a. Name - if your name appears as Mr M Smith on your card and you enter Mark Smith, then this would fail.

b. Address - If this is not the full address that your card is registered to, then this will fail.

c. Post Code - If your post code is in the format BL2 2JG and you enter as BL22JG, then this also will cause an error.

This is a safe guard check by your Bank or Building society stating the address doesn't match your registered address. So if you get this error during the checkout process, then simply use the registered address.