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Imac 27'

We specialise in Imac repairs, covering all faults and upgrades you may require.

We also carry out repairs B2B, so please enquire if you are a business looking for a repair solution.

All our repairs are covered by a three month warranty

If you are local to our premises, you are welcome to bring your faulty item in person, no appointment is required.

We have very competitive shipping options available covering the whole of the UK (if you are not local to our premises), but your Imac must be securely packaged to ensure safe shipping to our premises.

This enables you to send your faulty item to us for repair, then we will courier it back to you after the repair.

More details of our shipping options are given during the checkout process and are also explained by viewing our "Shipping Option" page on the home page of our website.

We have listed the most common repairs below, if your problem is not displayed, then please select the "Diagnose" option.

This will allow our engineers to investigate your consoles problem and then contact you with a repair price.

Please select your fault from the repairs listed below.

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  • iMac - Macbook Boot Error


    Do you have a circle with a line through it in the middle of the screen?

    Do you have a folder with a question mark in it on the screen?

    Is your Operating System corrupted and wont boot?

    Would you like your OS wiping and re installing?

  • Imac Mac OS Install


    Do you have a circle with a line through it in the middle of the screen?

    Do you have a folder with a question mark in it on the screen?

    Is your Operating System corrupted and wont boot?

    Would you like the latest Mac OS installed for your version of Imac?

  • Imac - Virus & Malware Removal


    Is your Imac or MacBook infected with a Virus, Malware or Trojan Virus?

    Typical Symptoms of infections

    • Running really slow
    • Not running correctly
    • Pop Ups continually coming up on the screen
  • Imac - GPU (Graphics Processor) Reflow


    Is your screen display corrupted or not displaying the picture properly?

    Do you have coloured lines or funny characters on it?

    Do you just have a white screen with blocks down it?

    This fault could also stop your Imac from powering on correctly.

  • Data Recovery Laptop Computer Mac


    Are you upgrading and want your data migrating to your Laptop, Desktop, Macbook or Imac? 

    Have you deleted your data by mistake and now can no longer see any of your data?

    Have you had a hard disk fault and your computer will no longer boot?

    We can attempt to recover the data from your hard disk, saving your precious and valuable data.

  • (5/5) on 1 rating(s)

    Imac Hard Disk Replacement


    Will your Imac not boot?

    Do you have a Grey Folder with a question mark on screen?

    Is your Imac running really Slow or Freezing all the time?

    This can indicate a faulty Internal Hard disk and this will need to be replaced.

  • (5/5) on 1 rating(s)

    Imac SSD Upgrade


    Are you looking for the Ultimate hard disk replacement for your Imac?

    We can remove your existing working or failed hard disk and install a Brand new SSD drive.

    What is an SSD drive, well there are no moving parts in the drive, so its faster.

    This means you can have faster loading times on your Imac, normally within 15 - 30 seconds!!!.

  • Imac Servicing


    Its important that you have your Imac is serviced to ensure relaible operation of the unit.

    Apple Imacs only have ventilation grills at the bottom of the unit, so these can become clogged or blocked making your Imac run Hot or the fans run really Loud.

    A service takes approximately 2 hours to carry out, so can be completed the same day, to avoid any distruption to yourself.

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    Mac & Imac EFI iCloud lock removal (upto 2017)

    Have you purchased a MacBook or iMac or forgotten your EFI Bios Password and only have a Padlock Screen displayed when powered on?

    We can renove the EFI Password and get your Mac and Imac working again.

    This process will also remove the EFI lock on your Harddisk or SSD drive.

    ** We will have to fully delete your Hard Disk or SSD as part of the process **
  • Imac Fault Diagnose


    Not sure what is wrong with your Apple Imac?

    Our engineers will run exhaust diagnostic tests at your faulty Imac to determine the cause of the problems your are experiencing.

    We can diagnose the problem  and then contact you with a price to bring your unit back to 100% health.

    *** Note ***

    The diagnostic fee will be deducted from the repair fee, if a repair is required after the diagnosis.