Playstation 3 Noisy Fan - CPU RSX IHS De Lid OriginalSony
    • Playstation 3 Noisy Fan - CPU RSX IHS De Lid OriginalSony
    • Playstation 3 Noisy Fan - CPU RSX IHS De Lid OriginalSony
    • Playstation 3 Noisy Fan - CPU RSX IHS De Lid OriginalSony
    • Playstation 3 Noisy Fan - CPU RSX IHS De Lid OriginalSony

    PS3 Playstation 3 Noisy Fan CPU RSX IHS De Lid repair service

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    Does your console's fan keep speeding up until the noise level is unbearable? 

    Does it sound like you have a vacuum cleaner inside your console?

    Is your console powering off with an "Over Temperature" warning?

    This is caused by the Thermal compound underneath the IHS Plates on the Cell and RSX chip drying out and needing to be replaced.

    The problem being is the IHS plates are bonded to these chips.

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    PS3 Playstation 3 Noisy Fan CPU RSX IHS De Lid repair service

    The Playstation 3 (PS3) console under normal operating conditions regulates the fan speed to ensure the optimal operating tenperature of the console.

    The fan speed regulates from 1 - 5, no. 1 being the console idling and not under any load or game play, no. 5 sounds like a jet engine and tihs indicates a problem with your console that needs to be addressed, this would also be followed by the console shutting down.

    A normal console regaultes the fan speed between 1 - 3, this is totally normal.

    The De Lid process is explained below

    We can repair this fault for you, the full repair consists of

    1. Strip down your console and carry out a full service 

    2. We will remove the IHS Plate bonded to the Cell and RSX Chip and apply upgraded Thermal compound before re applying the IHSM plate to both components.

    We do not re bond down the IHS Plate to the Cell after the procedure, meaning replacing the Thermal Compound underneath the IHS plate in the future will be easy for you.

    PS3 De Lid service

    ** The IHS Plates are Aluminium plates that are bonded to both IC's. These are designed to allow more efficient heat transfer between the Cell and RSX to the Heatsink.

    PS3 De lidded

    3. Exhaustively test your console to confirm everything is okay.

     After the repair your console will be whisper quiet.

    ** Note **

    We must inform you that there is a risk that during this repair your console will go to the an unretrievable YLOD fault, this can be caused by the CPU being thermally stressed as part of this fault. Its a slim risk, but we have to make you aware.

     We use one of our BGA resolder stations to repair this fault


    By Sara Y. (MARKET HARBOROUGH, United Kingdom) on 10 Apr. 2023 (Playstation 3 Noisy Fan - CPU RSX IHS De Lid) :

    Highly recommend this company

    I had a fat PS3 that had been butchered by a suppedly reputable console expert after a fan issue - it was so badly butchered that the only solution was a new chipset, new motherboard and a few prayers. Or the bin.
    Despite a massive supply shortage and the odds very much against us, Mark persevered, and I now have a bulletproof PS3 - they were professional, friendly, patient with my endless questions and I would definitely recommend them. I will be using them in future that's for sure!

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    By Paul R. (Warwick, United Kingdom) on 06 March 2023 (Playstation 3 Noisy Fan - CPU RSX IHS De Lid) :

    Replaced my unit

    My unit was damaged in transit by the courier and Mark at Console Wizard attempted to secure me compensation. I was mortified, it was a day 1 PS3 packed in original box with reinforcement insets and wrapped in strong plastic. When the courier was not forthcoming in progressing compensation, Mark personally sourced a newly refurbed unit and sent it to me as way of replacement. It runs super quiet. Many thanks to the guys, I strongly advise wrapping consoles in double bubble wrap and use the best strong cardboard packaging box you can find.

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    By Patrick C. (Basingstoke, United Kingdom) on 25 Aug. 2022 (Playstation 3 Noisy Fan - CPU RSX IHS De Lid) :

    Saved my PS3!

    My original PS2 compatible PS3 was unfortunately overheating within minutes of powering on, with the fans sounding like a jet engine. After sending it to console wizard, it is now almost silent and running perfectly again! I would say the pricing is quite fair given how delicate the delid procedure is, and was certainly much cheaper than me buying a replacement PS2 compatible one from a second hand shop!

    Many thanks again for the great service!

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