Laptop Liquid - Water Damage Inspection Repair Laptop RepairsApple
    • Laptop Liquid - Water Damage Inspection Repair Laptop RepairsApple

    Laptop Liquid Water Damage inspection repair service

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    Have you split liquid on or in your Laptop and now its doesn't work?

    Does your Laptop have no power, powers on and then off, overheating, etc?

    We are specialists at motherboard component level repairs after liquid damage.


    This inspection fee to cover our time, cleaning your Laptop and diagnosing any problems prior to repairing your unit.

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    Our team of highly skilled engineers excels in providing top-notch Laptop Liquid Water damage laptop repair services.

    If your laptop has been affected by liquid spillage, our specialized Laptop Liquid Damage inspection repair service is here to meticulously investigate and restore your device to its optimal functionality.

    laptop liquid damage repairs

    To begin the repair process, our experts carefully disassemble your laptop and employ state-of-the-art techniques, such as our advanced Ultra Sonic bath, to effectively eliminate all liquid residue from the motherboard.

    This thorough cleaning procedure not only prevents further corrosion but also safeguards your laptop from any additional damage caused by the liquid.

    Following the cleaning process, our technicians proceed with a comprehensive diagnosis, swiftly identifying and repairing any blown components or corroded tracks.

    By addressing these issues, we effectively rejuvenate your laptop, ensuring it functions flawlessly once again.

    Once our team has thoroughly assessed your laptop, we will provide you with a detailed quote encompassing any necessary repairs and replacement parts. 

    Apple Main Board Repairs

    Please bear in mind that an inspection fee is applicable for the extensive work involved in cleaning the liquid damage and addressing any corrosion on the main board, among other essential repair tasks.

    This fee is non-refundable, even if we are unable to repair your laptop.

    ** Note **

    It is important to note that the functionality of the keyboard cannot be confirmed until the laptop successfully powers on.

    In the event that additional issues arise with the keyboard or screen after the motherboard repair, there may be an additional charge for the required parts to complete the repair process.



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    By Daniel W. (Bolton , United Kingdom) on 20 Jan. 2021 (Laptop Liquid - Water Damage Inspection Repair) :

    Brilliant service


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    By Tajinder V. (Leicester, United Kingdom) on 29 March 2020 (Laptop Liquid - Water Damage Inspection Repair) :

    Amazing, Friendly & Knowledgeable Service

    I have used Console Wizard's services twice now. The first was for a broken Hdmi port on a PS4 pro, which was fixed quickly and without fuss.

    This time my year old laptop was liquid damaged and this was a much more complicated repair. I was afraid that my laptop was unrepairable due to the amount of water that was spilled on it. Or that parts would be unavailable since it was imported from China.

    However Console Wizard overcame all these hurdles and fixed my laptop and returned it back to me working like new. I have been using it for 3 months now and it is exactly like before the accident.

    I cannot recommend Console Wizard highly enough and they are my go to tech repair shop. Thank you so much guys!

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