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Liquid Damage Repairs - Accidents will happen !!!

Liquid Damage - Accidents will happen !!!

Laptop Liquid Spill
Accidents will happen, but fear not, we have an extremely high success rate at repairing liquid damaged equipment.

We carry out component level repairs on liquid damaged circuit boards.

The most common Liquid Damaged equipment we repair are
  • Apple Iphones
  • Apple Macbook
  • Apple Macbook Air
  • Laptops
  • Games Consoles
If your equipment is either not powering on, behaving erratically or not functioning as it should, then we can help!

Liquid Damage - Is my equipment unrepairable?

Most people think that when liquid is spilt on equipment, then its unrepairable and only fit to be thrown away.

This is not the case, the damage caused is due to a couple of factors.
  • Type of liquid spilt .i.e. Wine, Coke, Water, etc..
  • Length of time since the liquid spilt.
The most important thing to do if you do have an accident is to disconnect the battery or power from the equipment immediately.

You will need to dry the device, to ensure that all of the liquid is expelled from the device.

Most people have heard about placing your equipment (if possible) in a bowl of rice and then leaving it in a warm place for a few days. This people believe will dry out the liquid and then your equipment will then start working again once all the liquid has evaporated.

This can be the case, but it can also make things worse due to what liquid was split on the device, will start to corrode the internal components and circuit boards.

If for example Coke or Alcohol was split on a device, these start corroding the internal components and tracks on the circuit boards, etc inside the unit.

There are numerous videos on YouTube concerning the cleaning properties of Coke and how it can make old 1p and 2p coins nice and shiny (this is due to the acid used in the liquid). The means that the best option to ensuring your equipment is repairable is to bring your equipment to our premises ASAP, so we can start removing this from your device.

Here are some examples of the type of damage that can be caused by liquid damage on a circuit board

Apple Macbook main board after liquid damage
Macbook Liquid damage example
Apple Macbook Pro after liquid damage
Macbook Pro Liquid damage
A Laptop main board after liquid damage
Laptop Liquid damage example
Apple Macbook Air main board damage after liquid damage
Macbook Mainboard liquid damage
Apple Iphone 5S main board after liquid damage
IPhone 5s liquid damage
Apple Iphone main board after liquid damage
Iphone motherboard liquid damage
Apple Iphone main board after liquid damage
Iphone Mainboard liquid damage

How do we repair liquid damage equipment?

Firstly the repair process involves fully stripping down the equipment and cleaning everything. We have to ensure that all the liquid is removed from the device.

The motherboard is then placed inside one of our Ultra Sonic baths, to remove the liquid from the circuit board and ensure that any corrosive material is removed, therefore stopping any additional damage.

We charge an inspection fee to cover this work, as this is a time consuming process and is required even before we can start diagnosing the problems with your equipment.

One of our Ultra Sonic PCB Cleaners
UltraSonic Bath

Our engineers will then start diagnostic testing of the device to find out what problems exist. This can be anything from blown components or shorted components, corroded circuit board tracks. The engineers will replace the shorted or blown components and repair the damaged or corroded circuit board tracks.

Mainboard Repairs
Removing the damaged components and replacing them
Mainboard repair image

To conclude, the best solution if you do have an accident and spill liquid on your equipment, then unplug the battery and remove power from the device.
Contact us ASAP to start the process on cleaning and repairing your device

We cannot fix every item we inspect as some are to badly damaged, but we have an extremely high success rate and the chances of the device being repaired is made better if we can start work on the device as soon as possible after the accidental spill. 

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