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Imac and Macbook repairs - Bolton, Manchester, Bury, Wigan, London, UK

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Specialist Apple Imac and Macbook repairs - Bolton

Apple Mac and Imac repairs
Are you looking for a repair on your Apple Imac or Macbook laptop?

We repair all models of Macbook and Imac's

Mac family range
  • Macbook 
  • Macbook Air
  • Macbook Pro
  • Imac 20 inch
  • Imac 24 inch
  • Imac 27 inch

Have you been told by Apple themselves that your equipment is not repairable or put off by extortionate repair prices?

We carry out specialist repairs on Apple equipment, even on the equipment that has been told is not repairable by Apple themselves.

All repairs are carried out on a NO FIX - NO FEE policy, so if we cannot repair your equipment, then you don't pay.

** Water damage excluded as an inspection fee is payable, due to the work involved before any diagnostic process can begin*

Apple state equipment is not repairable in most cases due to its age or if its liquid damaged as they want you to purchase newer equipment.

The common problems we repair on a daily basis are

  • Systems not booting - (Faulty Hard disks, corrupt operating system, etc)
  • Dead - No Power, (Faulty Ac Adapters, Battery, Main board Fault)
  • Smashed Screens on Macbook
  • Keyboard Faults - (Keys not working, Liquid damage)
  • Corrupt Graphics on Screen - (Mainboard problem with Graphics processor on both Imac and Macbook)
  • Water Damage repairs - (Not powering on, Charging, Keyboard Faults, etc)
  • Mac OS Updates and Virus Removal
  • EFI Unlock - Have you forgotten your lock code?

Mainboard - Component level repairs

We not only carry out the above common repairs, but we also specialize in component level main board repairs.

Mainboard repairs

There are numerous problems that other companies would state a replacement mother board is required
  • Liquid damaged
Macbook liquid damage
Typical liquid main board damage
Macbook liquid damage
  • Corrupt image on screen
Macbook Corrupt image
  • Not charging or powering on
No Green light Macbook

We have a very high success rate of repairing your actual faulty main board, either by fault finding defective or shorted components on the main board or resoldering work required on the main board BGA chips using one of our six Computer Controlled BGA Rework systems.

BGA Rework system at Console Wizard

Our BGA rework systems ensure that any resoldering of components is carried out to the manufacturers specifications. 

This keeps the repair costs down, as we are not having to replace expensive motherboards, so making the repair substantially cheaper than having to replace the main board.

EFI lock - iCloud removal

Have you forgotten your unlock code and are stuck at the Padlock displayed on your screen when booted up?

Four digit lock
Efi icloud lock
Six Digit Lock
six digit efi icloud lock

We can remove the EFI - iCloud lock on your equipment. This involves removing the lock from the BIOS of the main board, we will also remove any SSD lock and re install a working latest MAC OS.

Please enquire about this service. We can carry this out on Macbook and Imac systems.


We provide all of the above services for customers local to our premises, online customers via our website and trade customers from small retail shops to high street retailers.

All our repairs are to component level if required to repair the problem, therefore saving a substantial amount on the replacement of a faulty main board.

All our diagnostic and repair equipment is to manufacturers specifications and all repairs are carried out by ourselves and not out sourced to another company.

Repairs are backed by a three month warranty for your peace of mind.

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