Xbox 360e

We are Specialists at modifying the Xbox 360E console.

The mods we carry out are RGH (Jtag), LT V3 Flashing & Sonus Sound Mod

** The 360E 500GB console cannot be modified in anyway **

If you are local to our premises, you are welcome to bring your faulty item in person, no appointment is required.

We have very competitive shipping options available covering the whole of the UK (if you are not local to our premises).

This enables you to send your item to us for the modification, then we will courier it back to you after the modification has been carried out.

More details of our shipping options are given during the checkout process and are also explained by viewing our "Shipping Option" page on the home page of our website.

** All modifications in the section are modifications we carry out on your own console **

Please select the modification you require fron the list below

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  • XBOX 360e RGH / Reset Glitch Hack 3.0


    This superb modifications turns your console into a Jtag console.

    We can carry this out on any version of dashboard even 2.0.17559

    We also setup your harddisk with Xexmenu and Freestyle dash V3.

    You can even request a hard disk upgrade as part of the order

    * Note *
    This cannot be carried out on a 360e with a MFR date of Aug 2014 and later.
    This is because Microsoft Changed the motherboard inside.

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    Xbox 360e Flashing LT V3.0


    XBOX 360e - 1175,1532,HITACHi FLASHING SERVICE

    We can update the new Xbox 360e console to the lastest dashboard and latest DVD drive firmware LT v3.0.

    This is for Lite on 1175, Lite On 1532 or Hitachi drives.

  • Jtag or RGH Dashboard update


    Does your consoles dashboard need updating to the latest version?  (Currently 17559)

    To update a Jtag or RGH console is not an easy task, we can take the stress and worry away from you.

    Our update service ensures that you have no worries that you will BRICK your console, making it unusable.

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    Bricked 360e JTAG RGH


    Have your bricked your console after applying a retail dashboard update to your RGH / JTAG console?

    Have you tried to swap your consoles KV and now your console doesn't boot?

    Does your console no longer boot and just sits at the Green light?

    ** We will need a backup of your ORIGINAL NAND **

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    Xbox 360e Hard Disk Upgrade


    Have you run out of storage space with your current installed hard disk?
    You can install a much larger hard disk, giving you more storage space for your games.
    Please select the size of hard disk you require.
    These drive upgrades are only available for Jtag or RGH consoles

    ** Note **
    This is a delivery only option, you don't need to send us your console,.