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Xbox Series X / Series S HDMI Port Replacement / Repair Service UK

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Xbox Series S / X Consoles

The Xbox Series S & X consoles were released in the United Kingdom in November 2020.

These are the latest in the range of Xbox consoles, bringing massive enhancements in speed and performance to the existing Xbox range.

The consoles are covered under a 12 month warranty by MIcrosoft, so if you have any problems with your console, then Microsoft should be be the first point of contact for any fault repair, as this will be carried out Free of Charge under the warranty. 

There are some faults that wouldnt be covered under a warranty though and these would be classed as damage.

One of the most common enquiries we receive is can you repair the Xbox Series S or X HDMI port? 

Yes we can and we only use a Genuine Microsoft Series S/X Replacement HDMI port, so your consoles build quality is not compromised in any way.
The other benefit is using Console Wizard to carry out this repair will save you £££££ over the price Microsoft charge for the same repair.

Microsoft class a broken HDMI socket as damage, so this is not covered under the console's warranty.

Accidents happen, a Series S or X console can easily be knocked off a desk. A HDMI cable pulled or the console dropped whilst all the cables are plugged in or an incorrectly inserted HDMI cable can alll damage the HDMI port of the console. 

We can help and repair your console, we allow personal drop offs at our premises or have a Fully Insured courier collection service covering the UK and other very cost effective shipping options available.
So we can collect your Series S or X console from your address, repair your console and delivery it back to you.

Our shipping options are very cost effective and Fully insured !

We repair your Xbox Series S or X, using a genuine Xbox Series S/X HDMI port, not a Non Genuine HDMI port engineered to fit.

A Faulty HDMI port can be identified by 

Damaged Xbox Series X HDMI port

  • The HDMI port looks physically damaged
  • The socket feels loose when the cable is inserted
  • The pins inside the HDMI socket look bent 
  • The console when powered on doesn't display an image on the screen.

Repairing a damaged HDMI port

Once your console arrives at Console Wizard, our qualified engineers will strip down your Xbox Series S or X.

Remove the motherboard and then de solder the Faulty or Damaged HDMI port. The tracks on the motherboard will then have the UN LEADED solder removed and re tinned with fresh LEAD solder to ensure a lasting repair.

If there is any track damage on the motherboard as a result of the HDMI port being damaged, then this will be repaired during the fitting of the brand new original HDMI port.

A new Genuine HDMI Socket soldered to the consoles motherboard

Xbox Series HDMI Motherboard

Benefits of our service

The benefits of using Console Wizard to repair your Series S or X console.

  • Fast Turn around - Not the 30 day turn around offered by Microsoft
  • Save £££££££ over the repair cost of MIcrosoft
  • Genuine Microsoft HDMI port, so your consoles build quality is not comporised.
  • Fully Insured UK Collection & Delivery Cost effective shipping options
  • Three months warranty for your peace of mind 

We are a Trade Marked company and have been trading since 2008, repairing Games Consoles, Computers, Laptops. Apple Imac and Macbooks. These include component level motherboard repairs, we fix your faulty motherboard instead of replacing it.

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