Series X Motherboard Repair (Not Powering on) Xbox Series X
    • Series X Motherboard Repair (Not Powering on) Xbox Series X

    Series X Motherboard Component Level Repair

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    Does your Xbox Series X no longer turn on?

    Do you get a white light for a couple of seconds or not on at all and then the console powers off?

    This could indicate a Motherboard or Power supply issue, to confirm this our engineers would need to examine your console.

    We specialise in actual Motherboard repair, replacing the defective components causing the problem

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    The problems you are experiencing with your Xbox Series X console are most likely to a component failure on the consoles motherboard.

    Our engineers will need to examine your console to determine if we can actually repair your console.

    Not all Series X console motherboard faults are fixable, this is due to some of the motherboard components are married to the motherboard itself, so if one of these components are the reason for the failure, then the faulty component would not be replaceable.

    Some faults are also not unfixable due to us not being able to find any shorts or missing voltages when the engineers are running their diagnostic tests.

    ** Note **

    If we are unable to actually repair a fault on your consoles motherboard, then the repair fee would be refunded, minus a £30.00 inspection fee, this fee is payable to cover the time required to diagnose and fault find a problem on a faulty motherboard.


    If the problem if due to  a faulty Power Supply, then there will be an additional cost of £40.00, thi sis due to the high cost of replacement Power Supplies

    By Alex C. (Teddington, United Kingdom) on 07 Nov. 2023 (Series X Motherboard Repair (Not Powering on)) :

    Super polite and helpful team

    Turns out my Series X was a write off. Presumably a heated debate on the Israel/Palestine conflict occurred between a couple transistors on my motherboard and an explosion occured. In anycase the team phoned me up, described the issue and sent me an awesome magnified photo of the destruction as a keepsake. They only charged a £20 inspection fee and returned the unit so i still have the option to return to Microsoft assuming i can stomach their £290 fee. There's virtually nothing to lose giving console wizard a try.

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