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Apple Macbook annual servicing to ensure your Macbook remains healthy

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Apple Macbook Servicing

Apple Macbook Pro & Air Servicing Bolton, Manchester, UK

At Console Wizard, we special in Apple Macbook repairs and servicing, ensuring that your equipment is running without problems and serviced to minimise problems that can cause your Macbook to fail.

A high number of faults we repair in our workshops, could have been avoided if the equipment had just been serviced.

When you initially purchased your Macbook, you made the decision to purchase the Rolls Royce of Laptops.

Your decision was probably due to the Build Quality of Apple products and their reliability.

To ensure that your equipment runs as Apple intended it to run, its crucial that you have your equipment serviced.

Symptoms highlighting your equipment needing a service

  • Noisy Fans
  • Overheating or running Very Hot - This can damage the motherboard
  • Battery not holding its charge or case appears swollen

We carry out repairs to all the Macbook and Imac range of Apple products. We also specialise in motherboard repairs to component level, common problems being liquid damaged, dead units (on power).

Every Apple Macbook or Imac (repaired or serviced) by Console Wizard, undertakes

  • The device is repaired if required and is then fully stripped and cleaned internal and externally.
  • The fans are cleaned and tested to ensure correct operation
  • The thermal compound that ensures heat is dispersed from the CPU efficiently is removed and higher grade thermal compound than Apple installed when the Macbook was built is applied.
  • Each Deviceis exhaustively SOAK tested to ensure the device is trouble free when you collect it.

Why have my Macbook Pro or Air serviced?

Your Macbook is an expensive item and must be serviced to ensure trouble free use.

Macbooks unlike most laptops, only have ventilation at the REAR of the unit, at the LCD hinge.

If the internal air vents become blocked or you have a fan failure, then this can cause the Macbook to run extremely HOT and ultimately cause damage to the motherboard, which means an expensive repair.

We have seen an increase in failures at our premises due to poor service issues.

A common failure especially with Macbook Pro's is Graphical problems, this is caused when the motherboard runs far to hot and cracks the solder underneath the Graphics Processor.

An example of a problem caused due to overheating

Macbook Pro Grapgics issues

Typical examples of the insides of an unserviced Macbook

In the below example of a Macbook Pro that came into one of our workshops, you can see how clogged with dirt and fluff the ventillation is at the top of the image.

Macbook Needs a service

We also find swollen batteries whilst carrying out services on Macbooks.

These the customer normally state that their Macbook doesn't hold its charge anymore or the trackpad is cracked. The reason for the cracking of the Track Pad is due to the battery swelling to some times three times it original size.

This also means the battery is at risk if catching fire or exploding. The battey is checked during the service to ensure its healthy and if a problem is found the customer is contacted as there would be an additonal charge for the battery replacement.

An example of a swollen Macbook Pro battery that came into our workshop

Swollen Battery Macbook pro

Another example of a swollen battery in a Macbook Pro

Swollen Macbook Battery

Example of a Broken Trackpad due to a swollen Battery

Swollen Battery and Tarckpad Macbook Pro


We would recommend to ensure your Macbook or Imac runs optimately, its crucial that you have your equipment serviced. A service takes approx 2 hours, so if you are local to our premises and dropped in off in the morning, it would be ready for collection later that day.

Due to the increase in faults that could have been avoided, we felt the need to raise this Blog to bring it to the attention of Macbook, Imac owners and even general Laptop and PC's, how important having your equipment serviced truly is.

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