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Nintendo Switch repairs Service Centre Bolton, Manchester, London, UK, Near Me

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Nintendo Switch Service Centre Bolton

The most common question we are asked daily is

"Do you repair the Nintendo Switch Consoles, as nobody else will repair them" 

 Yes we do !

Are you looking to have your Nintendo Switch repaired locally or near to you?

If you are not local to us, we have courier options available to get your console to our premises and back to you, which are really cost effective.

Have you been told by another repair company that your Nintendo Switch is not repairable?

Console Wizard carry out all repairs to the superb Nintendo Switch console, we carry out repairs to the entire range

Switch original console

Switch Lite console

Switch OLED console

All repairs quickly and to Nintendo's manufacturing specifications, only using genuine Nintendo original replacement parts in all of our repairs.

Our workshop is fully equipped with the latest diagnostic and repair systems, to ensure a quick and reliable repair.

We carry out Nintendo Switch repairs to a greater depth than Nintendo themselves, as we carry out motherboard repairs if required.

This means that we repair your console and not exchange yours for a refurbished unit, with you not knowing the back ground history of the refurbshed unit that may be shipped back to you by Nintendo.

This also means that you would NOT lose all of your game save data held on your own console (Which could mean the loss of months of game play and purchases).

We carry out a lot of repairs which are failed repair attempts by other companies, were they may have damaged the motherboard attempting to change the Charger socket or are unable to repair the console's motherboard and then tell the customer that the console is not repairable.

We also carry a full stock of any item required, which means a quick repair as we don't have to order a replacement part required for any repair we may encounter.

This means you have total peace of mind that your Nintendo Switch has been repaired professionally and backed up by a three month warranty.

Most Common repairs carried out by our Service Centre

  • Not Charging - Damaged USB Charger Port

Nintendo Switch Damaged Port

This is normally caused when a Micro USB charging cable is inserted into the charging port (tablets and Samsung phones use a Micro USB cable).
The Nintendo Switch using a USB-C charging Lead, which is very different from a Micro USB charging cable.

This is a common mistake made by customers. This can damage just the charging socket itself or can also cause motherboard damage, meaning a more in depth repair is required. If you brought your Nintendo Switch console in for this repair and it was found that the motherboard was also damaged, an engineer would contact you to discuss the problem and let you know of any additional repair fees.

  • Cracked or Smashed LCD screen

Nintendo Smashed LCD

This problem can either be as the example above where the LCD itself is damaged, but you can also have a perfect picture, but the touch screen itself is cracked or broken. Both are quickly repaired by Console Wizard.

  • No Picture - Charging Port looks Okay

Nintendo Switch Dead Image
Your Nintendo Switch will not power on, but your chargers socket looks okay.

This is a common problem if you are using a Compatible Dock as these have a high probability of damaging your console, it can also be caused by a motherboard problem.

We would need to diagnose the cause of this problem and once our engineers had examined your console, an engineer would contact you to inform you of the problem with your Nintendo Switch console and the repair price.

  • Motherboard Repairs

Nintendo Switch Motherboard repairs

Console Wizard specialise in component level motherboard repairs.

Have you been told that your Nintendo Switch is unrepairable by another company after a failed repair attempt by the that company?

Motherboard damage can also be caused by a damaged Charger port socket or a faulty Dock.

Repairing YOUR motherboard means that all of your game save data and in games purchases etc are saved and not lost.

This is a common service we carry out not only for customers, but also B2B (Business to Business) for other repair companies.

This is because Console Wizard carries out motherboard repairs on not only the Nintendo Switch, but also Laptops, Macbooks, etc...

  • Nintendo Switch displays the Nintendo Logo and then reboots

Nintendo Switch logo screen

This is normally due to a motherboard or battery fault.

If your console has this problem, once our engineers had investigated the problem, they would telephone you with the reason for the problem and the repair cost.

  • Not Reading Games Cartridges when inserted

Switch Game cartridge error

This problem is caused by a faulty cartridge slot.

We can quickly resolve this problem by replacing the faulty cartridge port bringing your Nintendo Switch back to full health.

  • Not seeing the SD Card

Nintendo Switch SD Card

This can be caused by a faulty SD card socket or a motherboard issue. 

If your Nintendo Switch suffers from this problem, our engineers will need to investigate the problem with your console and determine the exact cause of the problem. They would then contact you by telephone to confirm the problem and the repair cost.

  • Joycon Issues - Stick Drift

Nintendo Switch Joycon repairs

This  is a very common problem and is due to a faulty Joystick.

We can replace the faulty Joystick within the Joycon controller to bring your Joycon back to 100% health, saving you £££££ on the cost of actually replacing the Joycon itself.

  • Joycon's - Not charging

This problem can be caused by a faulty Joycon, Faulty Joycon battery or a motherboard fault within the Nintendo Switch Console itself.

Our engineers would need to investigate your consoles fault, once diagnosed an engineers would contact you by telephone to confirm the problem and the repair price.

  • Joycon's not Syncing

Nintendo Switch sync

If your Nintendo Switch is not recognising your Joycon controllers, then this problem can be due to  either a faulty Joycon controller, a faulty rail on either the Joycon or the Switch Itself or a motherboard issue on the Nintendo Switch's motherboard.

Our engineers would need to investigate the problem with your console, once diagnosed an engineer would contact you and advice you of the problem and the repair price to fix the problem.

  • Liquid Damage

Nintendo Switch Liquid damage

We are specialists in repairing liquid damaged devices.

Nintendo will not repair a liquid damaged device and if you sent yours to them for repair, it would just be returned back to you unrepaired.

We start by stripping down your Nintendo Switch and placing your consoles motherboard into our UltraSonic Cleaner. This removes any liquid, corrosion that may have started on the motherboard as a result of the liquid damaged.

Once the motherboard is fully cleaned, then our engineers will examine the motherboard and LCD cables etc for any corrosion or damage. 

Our engineers will examine the console and contact you with a repair price.

If we cannot repair your console, due to the liquid damage being to severe, then there would be a £20.00 liquid damage fee to cover the work carried out to fully clean the console internally of any signs of liquid damage and corrosion, prior to the repair investigation.

Summary of the services Console Wizard offer for this brilliant console.

The above examples are just the most common problems we repair on a daily basis.

There are a number of other problems we repair, from faulty fans, sound problems, bent chassis, etc... 

There is not a problem we can repair 99% of the problems on the NIntendo Switch console.

If your console is in the 1% we cannot repair, then the repair fee would be refunded as we operate a no fix, no fee policy

** Note **
There would be a repair fee of £20.00 if the problem on your Nintendo Switch was due to a failed repair attempt by another company  and we are unable to repair any damage that they may have caused.

All of the above repairs are carried out on a daily basis, most repairs can be carried out whilst you wait (work load permitting on the day) or within 1 - 2 days for a motherboard repair.

We also ONLY use genuine Nintendo original repair parts to ensure that the reliability of your console is not compromised and your console is repaired to Nintendo's specifications. 

So why send your console back to Nintendo (if your console is out of warranty) and be without it for weeks and pay much higher repair prices, when you could bring your console to Console Wizard or send it to us and save £££££££££

We have two courier options available to enable us to offer our Nintendo Switch repair service across the UK and Europe.

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