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By Steve R. (Manchester, United Kingdom) on 27 July 2017 :
Product rated : PS4 Reball (BLOD Repair)

Life Savers

My son dropped his PS4 console whilst tidying his bedroom. When powered on it had a pulsing blue light and no display. Console Wizard tried the reflow repair first, I was informed this didnt fix the fault. They carried out the reball repair and this repaired the problem. The staff are professional, very knowledgeable and his PS4 runs whisper quiet now. Super Company

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By Simon A. (Bury, United Kingdom) on 21 July 2017 :
Product rated : PS4 Laser Fault

Great Service

Superb service !! Took my sons PS4 to Console Wizard as it would not read games, They repaired it whilst I waited (20 minutes). Just in time for the Summer Holidays. I cannot recommend highly enough !

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By Christine G. (Bury, United Kingdom) on 19 July 2017 :
Product rated : Xbox One HDMI Port replacement

Recommended 5*

My sons console was collected on Tuesday with their Parcel Force service, we received it back on Friday. Outstanding service. Thank you x

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