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PS4 HDMI Repairs - Carried out whilst you wait

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PS4 HDMI Repairs

PS4 HDMI Repairs - Fault Symptoms Explained

PS4 HDMI Repairs is one of the most common repairs we carry out in our workshops on a weekly basis, in most cases we carry out this repair whilst a customer waits (work load permitting) in our seated waiting area.

To replace the HDMI port on a PS4 takes approximately  20 minutes, to replace the Panasonic MN86471A HDMI driver chip takes approximately 45 minutes.

The Panasonic MN864729 HDMI Driver chip in the CUH-12xx model of Playstation 4 takes longer and cannot be carried out whilst a customer waits.

Most customers ask why has the HDMI port broken or gone faulty?

Damage can be due to

  • The PS4 being dropped or moved with the HDMI Cable still plugged into the console. This damages the port itself. On examining the HDMI port, you will be able to see bent or lifted pins.
  • The HDMI Cable is plugged into the PS4 whilst the console is powered on, this can short the pins inside the socket, causing the Panasonic MN86471A HDMI Driver chip to blow

HDMI Socket - Weak component of the PS4 

The HDMI socket is the weakest part of the Playstation 4 console. We have changed thousands of these since the Playstation 4 was released.

This wasnt a problem we experienced on the Playstation 3 range of consoles.

We have repaired 30,000+  Playstation 3 consoles since the business started trading, with approximately 50 of this for HDMI sockets. We can carry this out in a couple of weeks on the Playstation 4!

Sony have redesigned the HDMI Socket since the console was released. This was to rectify the problems Sony experienced with HDMI failures.

          V1 HDMI Socket                  V2 HDMI Socket
  PS4 HDMI V1 Socket   PS$ HDMI V2 socket

We only use genuine Sony V2 HDMI sockets in all the repairs we carry out, so you can be assured that the replacement socket we fit is genuine and the redesigned stronger socket.

Our engineers will remove the damaged or faulty HDMI Socket with one of our six BGA Rework systems. This ensures the repair is carried out exactly the same as the manufacturer themselves.

PS4 hdmi socket repamoved

Replacing the Panasonic HDMI Driver Chip

Replacing the Panasonic MN86471A HDMI Driver chip is a more technical repair, but this is not a problem for Console Wizard.

Have if you have been told your console is unfixable after another repair company has replaced your HDMI socket and this has not repaired the problem?

There are a two different chips used in the various released versions of the Playstation 4 console.

The CUH-10xx and CUH-11XX have the Panasonic MN86471A Drive chip fitted.
The CUH-12xx and the CUH-2XXX has the Panasonic MN864729 Driver chip fitted.

The CUH-10XX and CUH-11XX main board

We have removed the metal shield that covers the MN86471A
MN86471A Mainboard Image

The CUH-12XX mainboard with MN864729 HDMI Chip
PS4 MN864729 image

CUH-2xxx Mainboard with MN864729 HDMI Chip
PS4 SLim MN864729 Image

Panasonic HDMI Driver chip replacement on both models
PS4 MN86471A HDMI Chip removal

Symptoms of either a faulty HDMI Port or HDMI Driver chip

How to confirm that your Playstation 4 has a faulty HDMI port or HDMI Driver chip.

Power on your PS4

  • Do you get a White Light on top of the console? If yes, this indicates that the console has booted up okay and the problem is either the HDMI Socket or a faulty Panasonic MN86471A or MN864729 Driver chip (depending on model number of your PS4).
  • Do you have a Blue Pulsing light on top of your console, this is the Blue Light of Death and not related to a problem on the HDMI side of the console.
  • Can you see bent or damaged pins in the HDMI socket? Your socket needs to be replaced.
  • Does your socket look okay, but no picture is displayed? If yes, there is a chance the problem is due to a faulty HDMI Driver chip
  • Does your console display a picture, but there are dots on the screen or flashing coloirs? This is faulty HDMI Driver chip.
  • Does your console display a picture that is fine at 576 resolution, but not at a higher resolution? This indicates a blown HDMI Driver Chip.
               An example of a Damaged HDMI Socket
                      Example of a damaged HDMI socket

HDMI is faulty - What can I do about it?

We can repair your faulty Playstation 4 HDMI fault whilst you wait if you are local (work load on the day permitting), if this is not possible, then it will be the same day.

So if your looking for a company near to you to carry your repair, then bring your console only to our premises during our opening hours.

No appointment is required, we have a seated waiting area.

If you are not local to our premises, then we have two courier options available. These cover the Uk and Europe.

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